Consulting and Training Services

We offer a number of different services to fit the needs and budgets of our clients, ranging from cost-effective phone consultations to turnkey promotion packages.

Web Site Promotion Analysis and Search Engine Optimization. Need help improving your search engine visibility? Barry Brooks will analyze your web site and current search engine visibility, research your competitors and determine the best ways to increase traffic to your web site. This highly customized package includes a 10-15 page Promotion Analysis and Immediate Action Plan which details the specific steps necessary to increase your web site visibility in the major search engines. Also includes one hour of one-on-one consultation time with Barry Brooks. Learn more...

Specific programs focusing on other cost-effective ways to improve web site traffic.

  • Pay-per-click advertising. Used properly, pay-per-click (PPC) advertising can bring an immediate surge of new visitors to a web site at a very reasonable cost. Barry has been designing PPC campaigns since they were first introduced in 1999 and can create a customized campaign that is appropriate for your site. If you are already using pay-per-click advertising, Barry can maximize your campaign by recommending specific changes to attract additional visitors while reducing costs. Request a quote for this service.
  • Link Popularity Development. Increasing the link popularity of your site (the number of quality sites that link to you) can dramatically improve your search engine rankings. Have Barry personally advise you on on how to get quality sites to link to you while avoiding link-farms and 'bad neighborhoods' - sites which can get you banned by the major search engines. Barry can show you the most effective ways to acquire links and can help you jumpstart your link popularity. Request a quote for this service.
  • Social Media. Used properly, social media tools like Facebook and Twitter can help you connect with people specifically interested in your business. Since most businesses aren't effectively using these tools yet, it is still possible for small businesses to use social media to 'leapfrog' larger competitors. Barry can design a custom social media campaign for your business and teach you and your staff everything you need to know to maintain an engaging and effective social media presence. Request a quote for this service.
  • Local Search and Mobile Software Development More and more people are using their phones to locate businesses and search for products and services. Smartphones now make mobile and spontaneous purchases possible. Barry can advise you on how to position your business to be meet this growing demand and determine the best way to use mobile search to help expand your business. Request a quote for this service.
  • Site usability analysis. Small changes to your site can dramatically improve sales results. Barry can review your site and suggest ways to increase the percentage of visitors who turn into paying customers. He can also get you up and running quickly on several different 'visual' site analyzers. These new tools let you watch live visitors interact with your site and help you make critical decisions to improve your sales process. Request a quote for this service.
  • Training. If you would like to learn effective techniques to promote your own site, Barry offers personalized training in search engine promotion. This is ideal for large companies with their own in-house web development staff, and small business owners who intend to hire a full- or part-time Internet marketing employee. Request a quote for this service.

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