You registered your domain and created your web site. You are
online now, but are you satisfied with the results?

  • Do you get new customers every day as a result of superior placement in the major search engines - Google, Yahoo and MSN?
  • Do customers find your web site before they find competing sites?
  • Do other sites link to your site and send you a continuous flow of new visitors?
  • Are you happy with the number of visitors to your web site?
  • Do you attract the right kind of visitors? Do they turn into paying customers?

We specialize in Web Site Promotion. We have spent thousands of hours promoting our own sites and client sites and in the process have created promotion resources that are standard reference for thousands of webmasters. Our services have been featured in PC Magazine, USA Today, Entrepreneur Magazine and countless textbooks and marketing handbooks.

We offer consulting services ranging from brief telephone consultations to extensive turnkey campaigns. All initial consultations take place with our president and creator, Barry Brooks. This consultation may be all you need to solve your problem, give you new insights or start you in the right direction. That's often the case. If additional help is required, we can custom design an appropriate program for you. Some clients have us train them to promote their own sites. Others prefer that we handle the details for them.

Please browse our site to learn who we work with, how we work and the services we provide. We hope you find our open and honest approach to web site promotion refreshing and look forward to working with you.

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