Web Site Promotion Analysis
and Search Engine Optimization

Have one of the industry leaders in web site promotion help you increase your site's search engine rankings. Barry Brooks, the creator of LinkPopularity.com, will review your web site, analyze your current search engine visibility, research your competition and your industry, and tell you the best ways to increase traffic to your site.

This comprehensive service is strongly recommended for all new clients and is a great way to attract quality visitors to your site. It is ideal if you are having problems ranking well in Google, Yahoo or MSN or if you are losing business to your competition.

The package includes a 10-15 page Promotion Analysis, an Immediate Action Plan and one hour of consulting time with Barry to review the Analysis, ask any questions or brainstorm new ways to improve your on-line business. After talking with Barry and hearing his advice, you will have a solid understanding of the different ways to bring quality traffic to your site. And you will have an Immediate Action Plan to increase your search engine visibility.

Here are just a few of the benefits you will receive from this service...

1. Safeguard your on-line business.

Barry will review your site for common mistakes that can get it banned or penalized by the search engines. There are over 50 different factors which can cause your site to be penalized by major search engines like Google and Yahoo. If banned, it can take months or even years to restore your ranking and can cost you thousands of dollars in lost income. Since search engines continually update their rules and search algorithms, common techniques which worked in the past can work against you now. This review is extremely important for anyone who has tried to optimize their site in the past or has hired an outside promotion service or webmaster.

2. Attract visitors who are looking to buy.

Working with actual search engine user queries, Barry will compile a list of the exact keywords your potential customers are using to search. Choosing the right keywords can make or break an on-line business. Picking the right keywords will help you attract quality customers - those who are ready to do business with you. Barry will also identify a number of 'sweet spot' keywords to attract customers who are being overlooked by your competitors. Since there is less competition for these phrases, customers who use them are much more likely to purchase your services.

3. 'Re-claim' customers who have been unable to find your site.

Barry will analyze your current search engine rankings and pinpoint your site visibility strengths and weaknesses. This baseline will help you judge the results of future promotion efforts. Using this analysis, Barry will focus on improving your visibility for poorly ranked keywords and will take special care to preserve your rankings for well ranked ones. Barry will also analyze your site's link popularity and give you a detailed list of sites linking to you.

4. Outrank your competition.

Barry will set his sites on your competitors and help you use their successes and failures to your advantage. He will determine which competitors are outranking you and why. Specifically, he will analyze your competitors' link popularity (how many and which sites link to them) and view their source code to see if they are using any overly aggressive SEO tricks. He will also determine which competitors are receiving free traffic and which are paying for prominent search engine listings. He will estimate the actual traffic each competitor receives and summarize his findings in an easy to understand written report.

5. Optimize your site for the best possible search engine rankings.

Barry will recommend specific changes to your site to increase its search engine rankings. Optimizing your site can increase your rankings greatly and give you a huge advantage over your competitors. Barry will review your site page by page and analyze numerous factors (including keyword density and saturation, keyword placement, domain and url syntax, site structure and link reputation) in order to best optimize your pages. All recommendations are documented in writing so that you (or your webmaster) can easily review and implement them. Most changes can be made in just a few hours and rarely require extensive site redesign.

6. Learn additional techniques to give you instant exposure on Google and Yahoo.

Barry will also recommend several methods you can use to immediately drive traffic to your site. This varies from client to client but may include vertical search engines and industry specific search engines, sponsored listings and regional search sites.

7. Have Barry personally explain his recommendations to you and answer any questions.

You will receive one-on-one consulting time with Barry Brooks, to use any way you like. Most clients review their Promotion Analysis and Immediate Action Plan, and ask specific questions about their site. Some clients prefer to use their consultation time to brainstorm - to share their thoughts with Barry and listen to his ideas. They know their own business, but recognize that the Internet is a challenging new medium, and the advice of a seasoned pro is priceless.

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Due to the time intensive nature of this service, we occasionally limit the amount of orders accepted for this service. As of today (12/10/18), we are not currently accepting orders due to the number of recent requests we have received..

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