Premium Link Popularity Report

Save hours of research by receiving a detailed analysis of the URLs that link to your web site - or your competitors' web sites. This advanced report builds on our free link popularity report, but is far better suited for analysis and follow-up. [This is the same report that we use to help our consulting clients improve their link popularity.]

How does this report differ from our free report?

Our free link popularity report gives you a quick overview of the number of different sites linking to you. By clicking through, you can visit the results pages of each search engine and view listings of pages linking to you. While useful to get a general idea of who is linking to you, this approach is not optimal for detailed analysis. Search listings are not alphabetized and can only be viewed ten at a time. Because of this, they cannot be easily printed or analyzed without visiting tens or hundreds of pages and spending hours cutting and pasting.

Also, some search engines make it impossible to get a complete listing of all incoming links - choosing to only display some URLs or limiting the number of search results to a set number of pages. For example, Google commonly shows only a sampling of incoming links and Yahoo places a cap on the number of links returned.

Generate a printable snapshot of who is linking to any site

Our Premium report shows all listings on one easy to read spreadsheet. See at a glance how many and which pages are linking to you or a competitor. This is invaluable when evaluating link popularity. Advanced SEO friendly features include...

  • URLs are sorted by estimated popularity so you can immediately focus on sites which carry the most weight.

  • NOFOLLOW links (e.g. paid ads and spammy blog comments) are automatically filtered to save you time.

  • Anchor text and specific target URLs are included for each incoming link so you can reverse engineer link strategies and locate deep links.

This data is fully exportable, so you can bring your link popularity data into Excel for further analysis, incorporate it into a Word report or export it into your favorite link promotion tool.

Use our Premium Link Popularity Report to...

1. See who is linking to you and what they are saying about you. Webmasters are often surprised to discover many of the sites who link to them. Most of the time the surprises are good, occasionally bad - but they are all things that a site owner should be aware of. For example ...

- Do you know how many sites link to you?
- Has your site been featured in newspapers, magazines or popular blogs?
- Have well known experts in your field recommended your site?
- Are you being linked to by sites in other countries?
- Are your customers praising you or complaining about you?
- Are you being linked to from 'bad neighborhoods'
(spammers, phishing sites, etc.)

2. Increase your link popularity by reverse engineering your competition's marketing efforts. Learn where your competition receives their traffic from and use this knowledge to your advantage. Running a link popularity report on your competitors will help you find 'cream of the crop' sites for your industry - sites which are interested in your field and have already shown a willingness to link to sites like yours. These 'pre-qualified' sites are much more likely to link to your site and are some of the best type of links to have since they are highly relevant to your web site.

Visit each of these sites (to verify that they are a quality, relevant site), then introduce yourself to their webmaster and ask to be included on their site. In most cases, you will want to write a personalized message and mention that you noticed that they already link to sites in your field. This highly selective, personalized approach is one of the best possible ways to increase your site's link popularity.

Analyzing your competition, can also help you determine...

- If a competitor is currently running a link promotion campaign
- Where competitors are purchasing banner advertisements and which sites they sponsor
- Industry-specific directories and resources your site should be listed in
- Your competitors' best affiliates and joint venture partners
- If and where your competition's customers are complaining about them

3. Judge the progress of your link promotion efforts. Are you trying to increase the number of links to your site? Use our Premium report to establish a baseline report - a snapshot of your current link popularity. Then promote your site and run a report from time to time to judge your progress.

4. Find new marketing partners, gain testimonials and get valuable feedback. Looking to increase traffic to your site or find partners or resellers for your business? In many cases, the people and businesses who already link to you are your biggest fans. After all, they took the time to recommend your site by linking to it. Even better, they probably have access to those interested in your services or they wouldn't have added the link in the first place.

Here are just a few ways you can locate these fans and have them help you grow your business...

- Find new resellers or affiliates by reviewing your incoming links
- Contact these sites to thank them and suggest a joint venture
- Ask for feedback and suggestions about your site (a great way to get honest,
believable testimonials)
- Launching a related site or new product? Let these sites know and ask for a 2nd link

Cost: $20 per URL (report includes up to 5000 incoming links and is delivered in standard Excel format via e-mail)

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